Sterling Benchmarks

Since mid January, I’ve been developing a functional scripting language I call Sterling. In the past few weeks, Sterling has become nearly usable, but it doesn’t seem to be very fast. So this weekend, I’ve taking the time to create a simple (read: naïve) benchmark.

The benchmark uses a recursive algorithm to calculate the Nth member of the Fibonacci sequence. I’ve implemented both Sterling and Java versions of the algorithm and I will be benchmarking each for comparison.

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Promoting Changes With App-Config-App

The App-Config-App now lets you promote changes between environments!

How does it work?

Perforce lets you create mappings to define the relationship between two diverging code branches. This allows for easy integration of changes between the two branches by referencing the name of the mapping.

See Perforce’s documentation for more details on the how and why of branch mappings.

The App-Config-App reads these branch mappings in order to create paths for promotion between environments.

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